Two Rivers

Abell Cauthon

– A farmer in the Two Rivers.
– Father of Mat.
– knows his horses.
– Wife: Natti.
– Daughters: Eldrin, Bodewhin (Bode).
– Both are on there way to becoming novice Aes Sedai.

Adine Lewin (04/32/522)– Wife of Flann Lewin.
– A plump women.

Ailys Candwin (04/39/653)– In Tel’aran’rhiod Nynaeve sees Brigitte and runs behind this lady’s neat house located in Emond’s Field.

Alsbet Luhhan (–/–/–)– Tall, and large, she’s almost as strong as her husband, Haral.

Alwyn al’Van (02/02/14)– The cobbler in Emonds Field.

Astell al’Seen (04/32/519)– An old lady, the matriach of the al’Seen family.

Athan Dearn (04/56/929)– A fat man.

Berin Thane (04/56/929)– One of the miller’s brothers.
– His house was burned in the first Trolloc attack in tEofW.

Bili Congar (04/56/929)– A trouble maker.

Bili al’Dai (04/33/537)– The oldest in the al’Dair family who come to help Perrin rescue the Cauthon women and the Luhhans.
– Killed by Trollocs in an ambush.
– His father is Hu, this grandfather was on the village council.

Bran al’Vere (–/–/–)– Egwene’s father.
– A large man, and very nice.
– owns the Inn in Emonds Field.
– Husband of Marin.
– Mayor of Emonds Field.
– Full name is Brandelwyn.

Brandry Crawe (–/–/–)– Known to Rand as Ban.
– Samel’s son.
– Saw the Fade on the same night Rand did, at the beginning of tEotW.

Buel Dawtry (04/40/660)– Makes good arrows, even better than Taim al’Thor’s.

Buel Dowtry (04/45/728)– White haired with a pointy nose.
– The town fletcher.

Cenn Buie (–/–/–)– Old man who likes to disagree.
– His trade is roofing.
– He is on the Village Council.

Cilia Cole (04/42/696)– Pink-cheeked, big-eyed, pleasingly plump.
– The first girl Perrin had ever kissed.

Colly Garren (04/40/671)– Killed by trollocs, Perrin blames himself for his death.

Corin Ayellin (02/23/247)– A woman of the Woman’s Circle.

Dael al’Taron (04/40/671)– Killed by trollocs, Perrin blames himself for his death.

Dag Coplin (04/43/702)– Making a fuss after the Trolloc battle.

Daise Congar (–/–/–)– Wisdom of the Emonds Field.
– Wife of Wit Congar, who is generally an idiot.
– Tall, and wide, very hard (for a woman).

Dannil Lewin (04/33/535)– Brother of Tell, Flinn’s nephew.
– Has the family nose.
– Joins the group who plan to rescue the Cauthon women and the Luhhans.

Darl Coplin (04/43/702)– Didn’t believe there had been a Tolloc attack in tEotW.
– Hari’s brother.

Dav Ayellin (04/43/702)– Stockier, with mischief in his eye.
– Used to fish with Perrin.

Edelle Gaelin (04/56/941)– The wisdom of Watch Hill.

Edward Candwin (04/45/728)– A stout man
– Is a cooper, making barrels.

Elam Dawtry (04/43/702)– Has a long nose.
– Used to fish with Perrin.
– Joined Perrin when fighting the trolloc invasion.

Elisa al’Seen (04/32/522)– Jac’s wife.
– Though her hair isn’t as grey as her husband’s her face is lined and motherly.

Ewal Coplin (04/43/703)– Raised a fuss after the Trolloc raid.

Eward Candwin (04/56/929)– Healed by Moiraine.
– A stout man who fights along side Perrin in the Trolloc invasion.

Eward Congar (01/15/223)– Always has his nose in the air.

Ewin Finngar (04/43/703)– Pudgy faced.
– Fourteen years old in tEotW.
– A friend of Rand, Mat, and Perrin’s.

Flann Lewin (04/32/519)– A farmer near Watch Hill, but moves to Emond’s Field.
– Married to Adine Lewin.
– Gnarled lanky beanpole.

Had (04/43/700)– Died in a trolloc raid.

Haim (04/33/547)– Joined Perrin on the way to Watch Hill to confront the Children of the Light.

Haral Luhhan (–/–/–)– Blacksmith of the Two Rivers.
– Husband of Alsbet Luhhan.

Hari Coplin (04/43/702)– A trouble maker.

Hu Marwin (04/33/537)– A good tracker.

Hu al’Dai (04/43/700)– An older man looking for Billy al’Dai after the trolloc war.

Jac al’Seen (04/32/515)– A farmer near Watch Hill.
– Married to Elisa al’Seen.
– Grey haired, short stocky balding man.

Jaim Dawtry (03/22/247)– Mentioned durring Egwene’s first trip throught the accepted rings.

Jaim Torfinn (04/33/537)– A good shot.

Jared Aydaer (04/40/671)– Killed by trollocs, Perrin blames himself for his death.

Jerinvar Barstere (04/56/940)– The mayor of Watch Hill.
– Has a wide nose, leathery skin, and white hear.

Joiya (03/22/248)– Egwene and Rand daugther, during Egwene’s first trip through the accepted’s rings.

Jon Gaelin (04/33/532)– A farmer who Abell Cauthon asks to move to Emond’s Field.

Jon Thane (04/56/928)– The miller.

Kenley Ahan (04/33/537)– Has been to Watch Hill a lot.
– Killed in a trolloc raid.

Kevrim al’Azar (04/56/929)– And old man who has grown great grand sons. The grandsons were masters at septic tank service.

Laila Lewin (04/32/520)– Married to Natley Lewin with a young baby.
– Used to have a crush on Perrin.
– Was a good dancer.
– Her maiden name was Dearn.

Lem Thane (–/–/–)– The miller’s son.
– Saw a Fade at Beltine.

Leof Torfinn (04/44/717)– Young man with deep set eyes.
– Carries Perrin’s wolf banner into battle against the trollocs.

Malena Aylar (02/23/345)– Was only seen during Nynaeve’s time in the three rings ter’angreal.
– From Watch Hill, was the Wisdom of Emonds Field.
– Everyone is afriad of her.  She’s a bully, and may have poisoned Bran al’Vere.
– A tall scrawny woman, bony but has a look of wiry strength, and a determined slash of a mouth.

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