Non-Human Ogiers

Alar (02/35/514) – Eldest of the Elders of Stedding Tsofu. – A very wise and kind woman. – Erith’s grandmother. Aried (03/50/600) – Father of Jalanda, son of Coiam. Coiam (03/50/600) – Father of Aried father of Jalanda. Dalar (02/35/503) – She spent ten years amoung the Sea Folk without suffering the Longing. Erith (02/35/502) – Daughter of Iva daughter... Read More »

Two Rivers

Abell Cauthon – A farmer in the Two Rivers. – Father of Mat. – knows his horses. – Wife: Natti. – Daughters: Eldrin, Bodewhin (Bode). – Both are on there way to becoming novice Aes Sedai. Adine Lewin (04/32/522)– Wife of Flann Lewin. – A plump women. Ailys Candwin (04/39/653)– In Tel’aran’rhiod Nynaeve sees Brigitte and runs behind this... Read More »

Region of Shienar

Changu (02/03/40) – A soldier. – Was a guard of Padan Fain’s in tGH. – Flat faced and sullen. – Short, and stocky. – Rude — Got meaner the longer he guarded Padan Fain. – Turned out to be a darkfriend, this may have been Fain fault … Hurin (02/09/152) – A sniffer. – Can smell evil,... Read More »

Writers and Prophecies

Boanne (03/56/675) – Songmistress at Taralan, the Fourth Age. Composed: And it was written that no hand but his should wield the Sword held in the Stone, but he did draw it out, like fire in his hand, and his glory did burn the world. Thus did it begin. Thus do we sing his Rebirth. Thus do we sing... Read More »

The Heros

The Heros and good people of The Menagerie. Who is your favorite? Aedomon (04/37/610) – An evil man who attacked Manetheren. – Told about in the tale “Midean’s Ford. Aleria Elffin (03/49/571) – The main character in a group of funny tales. Anla (02/34/484) – From the stories of Anla the Wise Councilor. Artur Hawkwing Paendrag (02/47/660) – The greatest... Read More »

Getting to Know the Children of the Light

Dain Bornhald (01/30/454) – A Captain Son of Geofram Bornhald – Has a vendetta against Perrin, who he thinks killed his father. Eamon Valda (02/05/72) Earwin (02/29/415) – A big man with grey eyes and a long mustache – A questioner Ransacked a village on Almoth Plain. – A plumber in another life. Einor Saren (02/05/73) – Second in... Read More »