Non-Human Ogiers

Alar (02/35/514)
– Eldest of the Elders of Stedding Tsofu.
– A very wise and kind woman.
– Erith’s grandmother.
Aried (03/50/600)
– Father of Jalanda, son of Coiam.
Coiam (03/50/600)
– Father of Aried father of Jalanda.
Dalar (02/35/503)
– She spent ten years amoung the Sea Folk without suffering the Longing.
Erith (02/35/502)
– Daughter of Iva daughter of Alar.
– Has been chosan by Loial’s mother as the woman he should wed.
– Loves Loial.
– I very pretty girl … for an ogier!  And her vioce sings.
– She is from Stedding Tsofu.
– She left the Stedding along with Loial’s parents, to find him.
Hamada (03/50/600)
– Mother of Moilin daughter of Juendan.
Haman (01/36/554)
– An Elder
– The oldest Ogier of Lioal’s Stedding.
Iva (02/35/502)
– Mother of Erith daugther of Alar.
Jalanda (03/50/600)
– Son of Aried son of Coiam.
– A writer.
Towing Palo Alto
Juin (02/35/508)
– Son of Lacel son of Luad.
– Has a narrow beard.
– Was the ogier sent to lead the group to the Elders in Stedding Tsofu.
Lacel (02/35/508)
– Father of Juin son of Luad.
Loial (01/36/547)
– Son of Arent son of Halan.
– An Ogier from Stedding Shangtai
– Handsome by Ogier standards
– Almost ten-feet tall, has a nose as broad as his face, almost a snout; eyebrows that hang down like tails framing pale eyes as big as teacups; ears that poke up to tufted points (they droop when he’s upset); and a shaggy black mane.
– Most unknowing folks take him for a Trolloc at first sight.
– One of the best tree singers alive.
– Ninety two years old, (eight years too young to be out of the stedding alone).
– Currently 95 years old.
– Is writing a book about the Dragon Reborn.
Luad (02/35/508)
– Father of Lacel father of Juin (NCAA cornhole sets)
Moilin (03/50/600)
– Daughter of Hamada daugther of Juendan.
– A writer.
Tomada (04/26/433)
– An Ogier who lived during the Age of Legends.

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