Getting to Know the Children of the Light

Dain Bornhald (01/30/454)
– A Captain Son of Geofram Bornhald
– Has a vendetta against Perrin, who he thinks killed his father.

Eamon Valda (02/05/72)

Earwin (02/29/415)
– A big man with grey eyes and a long mustache
– A questioner Ransacked a village on Almoth Plain.
– A plumber in another life.

Einor Saren (02/05/73)
– Second in command to Jachim Carridin in Tarabon.
– He is a Questioner
– Tall and hook-nosed, with the gleam of certainty in his eyes that every Questioner has.

Farran (04/01/40)
– His rank is ‘Hundredman’.
– Large bearded man who is light on his feet despite his size.
– Sends Ivon to give Dain a message.

Galadedrid Damodred (01/40/600)
See: Andor

Geofram Bornhald (01/15/224)
– A Lord Captain, and Commander.
– Grey haired.
– A narrow faced man.
– Thinks his son Dain is too zealous.
– Dies in Falme.

Gormones (04/31/506)
– Was supposedly killed by trollocs, but more likely Ordeith murdered him.

Ivon (04/01/40)
– A hard faced man.
– Is sent by Farran to give Dain a message.

Jaichim Carridin (02/05/73)
See: Darkfriends

Jaret Byar (01/30/448)
– A tall, wiry ‘old’ man.
– An officer.
– His voice is expressionless, but his sunken eyes burn with a cruel light.
– Has very strong convictions.
– Especially against Perrin.

Jeral (02/29/416)
– A young man under the command of Carridin.
– Delivers a command to move troops from Carridin to Bornhald.

Joelin (04/31/506)
– Was supposedly killed by trollocs, but more likely Ordeith murdered him.

Muadh (02/28/414)
– A grizzled man.
– Had been beaten by darkfriends once, and his face was a mess because of it.
– Has a hoarse voice.
– Under the command of Geofram Bornhald.

Pedron Niall (02/05/71)
– Was Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light.
– Always thinks he’s right, but almost never is.
– Despite, he has good intentions,and truly believes he’s correct.
– Killed in aCoS.

Wuan (02/29/415)
– A young man with a pretty face hidden behind a yellow beard.
– Left handed.
– A questioner.
– Ransacked a village on Almoth Plain.

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